RADIANCE RESTORATION – Age Reversal Treatment Moisturizer
February 20, 2016
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November 14, 2016
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STEM CELL ACTIVATOR – Time Reversing Serum


For laxity, dull, menopausal, sun damaged, aging, dry, dehydrated, sensitive, devitalized skin

Revolutionary cell-activating complex repairs DNA damage, increases cellular energy, restores youthful moisture, volume, strength, firmness and smoothness to skin. Enhances lip definition and lifts facial contours. Increased radiance and resilience show healthy looking, youthful acting skin. Helps correct years of chronic UV damage and brings back youthful elasticity of skin.

Fragrance free, water-based cream-gel, 1.7 oz.


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Arabidopsis Extract: repairs DNA damage, the cellular blueprint source code for youth proteins which decrease after age 30

Hydrolyzed Algin: wakes up dormant dermal stem cells to activate clear, smooth, strong youthful firmness in skin

Pemus Boldus Leaf Extract: Contains Resveratrol which boosts cellular antioxidant defense to extend cell lifetime, increase youthful elasticity and protect DNA

Ergothioneine: principal cell energizer that supports cell actions, restores and increases the youthful cellular power lost in aging. Makes cells function more effectively and efficiently.

Piptadenia Columbrina Peel Extract: increases aquaporin matrix, the water channels in cell membranes, and a plump, moist, receptive environment for healthy cell genesis and youthful, dewy appearance. Reduces redness, puffiness, wrinkles and lines.


Morning and evening, massage 6 pumps into moist eye area, face, neck, and chest after cleansing, underneath moisturizer for maximum results. May be layered with other serums for specific conditions.