January 9, 2017
Faux tanning - Young anti-aging skincare

Faux Tanning – A Safe, Sunny Skin Boost

It is tempting, in the dead of winter when you’re feeling like a pasty slug, to go out and get a suntan. What a psychological boost when we’re depressed from the seemingly endless short dark days all bundled up in our winter gear. I am ashamed to admit that when […]
December 21, 2016
10 tips for winter skincare

10 Tried and True Tips for Happy, Healthy Winter Skin

Cold, dry, arctic air is here and our skin feels freeze dried! The moisture gets sucked right out of us from this icy air plus indoor heating. We start to feel itchy, scaly, and rough. Some of us develop seasonal eczema or cracking, flaking, even painful bleeding areas, from the […]
October 25, 2016

The Miracle of Water and Niacinamide for Youthful Skin

October has been a busy month. First, I took a very in-depth cosmetic chemistry course on skin care ingredients at UCLA. This is a gold standard intensive taught by the most respected instructors in the industry today. I have periodically taken this series for over 20 years to stay up […]
October 7, 2016
Early Fall Rituals - Young Skincare

Early Fall Rituals and Your Skin

October is here and it’s time to return to our seasonal rhythms and routines. Summer is over, the light is changing, the temperatures are dropping, and having a sweater handy is a good idea. This annual rhythm change started early in life, when, as children, we got ready for the […]
August 8, 2016

Should I Exfoliate Around My Eyes?

Should I Exfoliate Around My Eyes?   We all know how important exfoliating our skin is, but did you know your eyes need exfoliating, too? We have been cautioned forever about being extra careful and extra gentle with the skin around our eyes. Lately I’m beginning to think that maybe […]