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March 6, 2016
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young skincare mini-mask trio




Indulge in a spa-worthy skincare ritual at home. When extreme measures are needed to quickly look your very best, this 3-step Mini Mask Glow Collection for pre & post-party or travel polishes the skin and boosts your radiance before, then soothes and re-hydrates the skin after for a fully recovered look.

Comfort your skin instantly with moisture magnets and precious lipids, and gently resurface with microscopic crystals, safe even for delicate skin. These pampering treatments work overnight while you’re sleeping for quick results. Wake up looking rested, fresh, and selfie ready!


The Mini-Mask Trio includes:


1x 0.25 oz Microcrystal Resurfacer

1x 0.25 oz Aquagel Mask

1x 0.25 oz Radiance Repair Ultra Luxe Sleeping Mask

(total volume 0.75 oz)

Radiant Glow Mask Trio for Instant Overnight Rejuvenation
Holiday Pre-Party Glow and Post-Party Recovery

Your 911 emergency kit for dry, devitalized, dull, fatigued, rough skin in need of instant glow in preparation for parties, special events, and post-party recovery. Also ideal for travel-depleted skin.

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  1. Pam Meyer

    I haven’t tried it yet but I trust Carol to create great product!

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Step 1: Microcrystal Resurfacer

Volcanic microcrystals dramatically reveal smoother, fresher, healthier-looking skin instantly. They refine rough surface texture while soothing skin with green tea, chamomile, and licorice.

DIRECTIONS:  After cleansing, apply Microcrystal Resurfacer and polish clean, wet skin very gently with fingertips using circular motions over face, neck and chest. Rinse thoroughly with lots of water. Avoid eye area.

Step 2: Aquagel Mask

Instantly bathe your parched, dull skin in comforting moisture with this high potency gel formula. With sea whip, allantoin and pro-vitamin B5, it’s like a water bath in the desert for your skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply liberally after removing Microcrystal Resurfacer and wait 10-20 minutes. Mask will not dry. Remove thoroughly with cool water. Avoid eye area.

Step 3: Radiance Repair Ultra Luxe Sleeping Mask

Luxurious, rich, creamy moisturizing mask infuses dry, dehydrated skin with moisture and lipids for youthful, radiant skin. Skin will be visibly smoother and more vibrant, radiant and ready to go when you wake up.

DIRECTIONS: Apply generously after removing Aquagel Mask. Work thoroughly into skin like a rich night cream, avoiding eye area. Go to sleep and wake up glowing!