Photo of spa facial treatment

Healthy skin is luminous and radiant, and there is no reason for yours to be anything less.

Even if you are dealing with a variety of serious skin care issues, including sun damage or premature aging, you can have better, younger-looking skin.

Carol Lynn Young specializes in rejuvenating, resurfacing, and clinical treatments and uses the most advanced peels, serum technology, and cosmeceutical products available anywhere. She is especially effective in treating sun-based aging, using personalized fact-based care to improve and restore healthy appearance.

With a customized program, Carol Lynn Young can make sure you achieve your ideal complexion and help to prevent skin cancer where you are most exposed – on your face.

Carol Lynn Young Clinical Skin Care is not an indulgence; it is sound, clinical treatment for your skin health and a real boost to your overall well-being.

Healthy skin is fundamental to everything you do to enhance your appearance. Recent advances in dermatology have made it possible for you to look better than you ever thought possible with a professional program combining clinical treatment, practical home care and medically tested products. — Carol Lynn Young